Walkin’ in DC – Part 2 – PEOPLE

For my walkin’ in DC Part 2, I have 14 “people” photos. In a few pics, I have shared some thoughts on getting along with “people” –  because as annoying as some people can be – relationships are what makes our life come alive!  If you do not have time to read, please feel free to just skim the photos.

updated collage

a phone booth still around in 2015
He is paying at a machine for his parking spot, but from this angle it looks like one of the old pay phones that used to be everywhere-  Times sure have changed – instead of stopping to use a pay phone, most of us we carry “computer phones” in our pockets.


ballons on the metro
A lady was riding the Metro with bagged balloons.  I was marveling at how DC people “get around” using the Metro as their main transportation. I also wondered where she would gently unwrap those fun balloons. As she sat resting her free hand on her head-  I was reminded of the little things we do in order to “give to” and “celebrate with” people.


lady that reminds me of coconut
Do you see this lady in the center right – with the brown boots, tan coat, and bun in her hair? She reminded me of Modigliani’s woman, Jeanne, who was nicknamed “Coconut” because she wore a similar “coconut looking” bun in her long brown hair. I was reminded of how Modigliani’s manager, Zborowski, was hoping that Coconut would help “reform Modigliani’s disorderly existence” – and she did somewhat – because she brought much “completeness” and satisfaction into his life.  Jeanne and Modigliani both died way too young, but it is an example of how sometimes certain people come into our life with just the right chemistry to where it is a major gift. 


lady in dc
I love this shot of a lady taking a photo of the Washington Monument – because she makes the boots look good!


people of dc lady with silver shoes
This lady was wearing silver shoes and a pink skirt. I exchanged eye contact with this woman, and she actually first seemed to be checking out my sneakers!  I am not sure what she was thinking, or what her work in DC really was, but this photo is another one of those photos that leaves me wondering about a person’s story. And as T Daniels would say, We all have a story.
people of dc lady 4 - holding up monument
This lady is posing to make it look like she is holding up the monument and I think her photographer took hundreds of shots! I like this photo for her smile, for the people scattered in the back, and for the pale pink blossoms. For those that do not know, back in 1912, Japan’s Mayor Ozaki gave the U.S. 3,000 cherry trees, also called Sakura.  These gifted trees reminded me how “gifts” can be the sweetest part of enjoying life with people.  The right gift can assuage and enrich relations – not the gifts that try to buy affection – not bribes or the sucking up gifts – but gifts from the heart!  Whether it is country to country or friend to friend – the right gift at the right time can be oh so special.  These D.C. blossoms are actually “friendship trees” – and If you have time, check out Celia’s photos of Japan’s 2015 blossoms HERE


pilot on metro
I ended up talking to this couple on the right. I had to sit in front of them because someone with “cheap” perfume sat down beside me and it was so strong you could taste it.  I also have been watching some of the episodes of the TV series called “Air Disasters” – and so sharing a smile with this master pilot was nice too.


people of DC - helpful guy
The workers in DC are quite pleasant.


dc trash
Where there are people – there is mess – but it can be cleaned and managed.  DC has an efficient way of managing trash. And yes, there is life lesson here – because relationships can (and will) get messy, but when we learn “how” to effectively manage mess – we will have more success. This involves problem solving, serving, withdrawing, waiting, trying, discussing, assessing, and investing time and effort to each changing relationship. Managing “people mess” may also involve knowing when to draw good boundaries (so you don’t “cast your pearls before swine”).  Drawing appropriate boundaries can sometimes allow much-needed space to grow or heal. Sometimes we only hear advice about giving and giving – and how we need to make the big sacrifice because “hurt people hurt people” -and while this is true many times – it is also true that sometimes we might need to pull back or even cut ties (for good or for a while). 


dc-5-capitol streets closed
Do you see this single person walking?  Well this reminded me of how solitude is not the same thing as loneliness – and how sometimes the best way we get along with other people is by having the right amount of solitude to recharge and refresh our own batteries (we have to tend to our needs in order to have something to give). 
photographer taking photos in washington dc
Man. Man with camera. Man with camera with nice lens. Man with camera with nice lens takes very nice night photos. 
two guys walking path in dc
I love this shot of two guys walking on the open path – after the rain at sunset – and surrounded by trees.  DC can be crowded, but look at all this elbow room! I also like the vertical lines in this shot.  Notice how the two guys have leg positions that match – the branches have a right flow, and the arch of the path has four sections in a left flow- with a pair of empty benches that informally balance with the pair of trees on the left and two walkers.


communcation on manhole cover
This manhole cover says “Communication” and I am including it with my “DC people post” because all relationships benefit from good communication – cliché, but true.  Do do not forget that this applies to communicating with ourselves – – we need to watch the negative/unhelpful thoughts we entertain in our head. Also, side note – about ten years ago one of the most popular job interview questions was, “Why are Manhole Covers Round?” I heard that some employers are not necessarily looking for a right or wrong answer; instead, they want to see “how” a person responds.  And so just in case you get asked this question, here are some reasons: A round cover doesn’t fall through the circular opening and they fit back on with less adjusting that other shapes; circles resist earth compression; circular covers used to be easier to make; and circle manhole covers can be rolled, making them easier to transport.




washington monument with tree lines
The Washington Monument has a proud presence in DC, which takes on different moods at different times.  Isn’t that a lot like relationships too?  Relationships are not always static, and as we develop tighter bonds with people, sometimes it helps if we see something from a different angle – or revisit issues with freshness at a different time.  Some people are harder to get along with, some grate on us, and of course we will NOT have chemistry with everyone (and oh the joy that comes with being able to really accept that without taking it personal – it really is okay – and natural – to not have everyone like you). However, for those that are in our lives – either the inner or outer social circles – with a little effort – we CAN enrich relations – it might just take a fresh view or a new approach.


Have a nice day and if you are in the mood for an old school song, H E R E is a link to Triumph singing “Fight the Good Fight”


And if you have not had your fill of cherry blossoms yet – the link to the Washington DC Live WEB Cam is HERE

Mark’s cherry blossom post is HERE

And Radical Ramblings has an amazing single photo up view of white cherry blossoms, with a nice poem by A. E. Housman HERE

“About the woodlands I will go

To see the cherry hung with snow.”





Walkin’ in DC – part 1

For a Walk with Jo this week I invite you to join me for a stroll in Washington D.C.

bench with a view
I start this post with one of my favorite photos from DC this spring: The Washington Monument — at sunset –with spring blooms- and a few benches to sit on to soak up the view (linked to bench series #15). I only did a little editing to this photo – I lowered the exposure, increased the saturation and contrast – and straightened it.
cherry blossoms dc 4-2015
Here is the Washington Monument from the other side – we were now standing West – looking at the cherry blossoms – and the flags- with the night lights shining.
Let’s get a little closer – looking up at the Washington Monument – Can you see where the stones change color? There is a line noting the change in materials because this monument sat unfinished for many years (due to lack of funds and power struggles) and when they finally finished it – the same marble was no longer available – and so now it is a mix of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss – and maybe the mixture of stone better matches the melting pot of people that makes up our diverse country .  This 554 feet phallic monument is the tallest STONE structure in the world.
dc monument stones two
close up of the stones


dc-walk start
Here is the Washington Monument from a distance. I like the lines from the foliage in this shot.

pps-391-b-4-2015-afloat in daffodils

pps-391-4-2015-dc resting with daffodils
These two guys seemed to be passing time – maybe they were early for the Cherry Blossom Festival – or just “waiting on a friend….” (Stones song here) but I LOVE how they seem to be afloat in the midst of the spring daffodils and link this photo to this week’s wpc.
pps-390-4-2015-lady resting dc metro
These folks are also waiting….  the mood here really stood out to me – the lady with her head in her elbows and knees — and the reflection of the Adidas running suit.
looking up athard rock cafe dc
With very hungry stomachs — we easily agreed to do the “trendy tourist thing” and eat at Hard Rock Cafe DC – and here is looking up at the flags  Linked to Debbie’s LULD.
pps-396-michelle-server at hard rock cafe dc
Trendy to eat at Hard Rock? – yeah, maybe… But then again, we are trying to dine at different Hard Rock locations throughout the world – and this visit adds one more to our list. The service was outstanding – from the greeting hostess to our primary server (above) – bevs were fine too – but the highlight of the night: the trio fajitas get a full 5 stars.
The view from the window at Hard Rock DC
dc escalator
Going down to catch the Metro.
dc-6-lottery tix
There was not much trash on the Metro, – but on one ride, my son found 41 dollars worth of scratched off lottery tickets – they were stuffed on the side of his seat. Also, this newspaper insert was on my seat, which said “Yeah, good luck with that” – I just had to take a photo.
pps-395- c and mrs holmes-2015
I end my walk in DC with another one of my favorite photos – it was taken while we were visiting the World War II Memorial (which was built in 2004 –  it has wreaths and a beautiful waterfall to honor the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S. for that war). The photo is a bit dark, but if you look closely to the center right – there is a lady with her hand up – This is Mrs. Holmes, a newlywed who was strolling the Memorial with her hubs, and in my next post on DC (part 2) – I will share a nice photo of her and her spouse.

Hope you have are having a great start to your week and thanks for joining me with a stroll around DC.

If you are in the mood to check out more Monday Walks – or if you would like to join in and share one of your own strolls – check out Restless Jo’s blog (HERE) where this week she brings us to Rievaulx Abbey in North Yorkshire.

PS – If you want more photos of DC (before I can bring you my part 2) well check out Mark’s blog because he has a handful of posts from his Easter visit to DC –  his post “D.C. in Photos: Peek-a-Boo Views” is HERE

Windows & Doors in RVA

For my walk with Jo this week, I thought I would take you around RVA to see some doors, windows, and um…. alligators!

door and window reflection rva
When I saw this taped up window it felt so abandoned and just reminded me of another vacant business office. However, when I looked at the photo at home, I realized the window reflection was filled with life as the spring blooms can be seen in the reflections. That was a nice surprise and I was feeling a metaphor developing… maybe one of the different facets of life! Linked to TS.

closed off window


closed off windows
I have no idea as to why so many windows in RVA are covered like this, but they are….
windows in rva
Look at the variety of windows on just one building. LInked to Dawn’s April LLAW. 



the jefferson ceiling
Last month, we went to The Jefferson hotel for a celebration. In this photo I “tried” to get a 360 shot of the atrium ceiling.
sirloin burger
I only grabbed a photo of my burger because they had an instagram contest running (and then I forgot to post it – oh well) – anyhow, it was nice that they were inviting us to take out the camera if we wanted…
irish coffee
As most folks know, I am not a huge alcohol consumer, but a delightful treat for me is a classic “Irish Coffee”- and while I would prefer to leave off the creme de menthe, this one was just fine  – and is linked to Narami’s Week 15


alligators at the jefferson hotel
Alligators in RVA…   There are a few alligator sculptures at The Jefferson Hotel to connect with some history…  many years ago, Richmonders brought pet alligators from FL to live in VA – and when the gators grew too large for the home, they moved to The Jefferson. The last one died in 1948.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.36.18 PM


I was taking a picture of the alligators, and grabbed this shot of some ladies (girls night out maybe?) –  I normally would have tossed this photo, but considering the wpc is still Blur this week – I am sharing this and calling it, “Friendship”


For more walks with Jo or if you want to join in and share your own stroll – go here. 

Have a nice day! And I hope you have lots of green lights along the way.

green lights yeah
More Green Lights – yea…




wpc- BLUR (and Emerson quote)

The wpc is BLUR this week, and as I continue on taking “people shots” this year,  last week I was chatting with a cashier who had the prettiest nails.  She let me take her photo and later I found that the two photos of her nails were quite blurry, but they still captured the pretty pink and bling of the index fingernail.


Then… on Thursday I was digging through some assorted cards and I found this hummingbird one for my friend Christine, who was in town with her three girls and we met up to do some art.  The art on this card (with a slight top blur) is from a painting by Judy Mizell  – you can see more hummingbirds by Judy here.

card for christine

Before I sealed the envelope – I took a quick photo so I could remember to look up the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that was paired with the art: Every moment of the year has its own beauty  

When I looked up the quote, I noticed this Emerson quote was butchered for the card.

I like the full version so much more:

“To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same fields, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again.”

Do you like the full version more?

Anyhow, I then noticed that Emerson’s quote sort of describes why I like taking informal “people shots” right now….

The lighting will never be the same, the person’s facial features will never be the same, and the atmosphere and mood was never seen before.   The essence of that very moment will be preserved in a way that can never be duplicated.  


If you like taking street shots, check out PLANET BELL (thank you Sue S. for sharing Jeff’s blog)

Helen Chen has the goal of taking 1000 street shots, which is unfolding and developing project. I plan on following along and here is the link if you want to peek in and/or follow too.

(ALSO!  –  Lisa D. has some great variety of folks, and here is a post with shots from the streets of Samoa and Raiatea.)


Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Thanks for reading…





Ybor City Part 2 (dedicated to Apryl Foster)

This is the final Ybor City post, which includes a few favorites. The second part of this post is dedicated to a 33-year-old Tampa woman, who loved Ybor city and spent the last night of her life there.

First, 13 photos:

pps-356-3-2015-couple on path

This is Keith. We talked for a few minutes and even shared a “bro” hug. Did you ever meet someone where later you wondered more about their story?  Well Keith’s story is one I wondered about… and when I looked at my photos later, I just wondered what he was doing there, with a big ol’ backpack, resting up against the wall.
ybor city cigar smoke in air
Some folks go to Ybor city to enjoy a cigar. In this photo, I captured some of the smoke that sometimes fills the street outside of a cigar shop. It really was not too stinky – and actually dissipates quickly. Notice the little sign to the right says, “Please come In and TAKE PICTURES” -This is a very hospitable place.
Of course there are folks who work in Ybor city, and here is Hunter, on his break from his job with some take-out food for the staff. I took 4 photos of Hunter and I used these two because when I placed them side by side, I noticed how the street and walkway flowed with a little right bend.


Some people go to Ybor city to dine out and catch a movie – and we met Brenden while waiting for the valet to bring us our car. If it sounds fancy to have valet parking – it really is not; instead, it is more of a necessity because parking spots in Ybor are difficult to find – and for a quick ten dollars, the valet will park your car for you.  I also like the other folks in the background of this shot.
ybor city-2
Many people party at Ybor city. Here is looking down at one of the lines to get into a club. Linked to LULD week #83 and Dawn’s lingering look at windows.


This is cedric – he also works at Ybor city – and in this shot – I like the rainbow table, the different lights, and mosaic tile floor. Oh – and that Shamrock green ATM sign links to JNW’s shamrock this week.
This is Santiago and Kenny.  They kinda have a Breaking Bad feel to me – just a bit – ha!
ybor city- 3-castle
Do you see this building to the left? This is a major party place that looks like a castle inside and a lot of folks dress up in “goth costumes” to party there.  It felt quite sinister seeing some of the outfits (i.e. ripped shirts with fake blood – or dark zombie costumes). The next photo shows a collage of folks – and two of them were coming from this castle in Ybor.

pps-362-3-2015-ybor city people collage

pps-360-3-2015-coule nine year anniversary
This is one of my favorite photos from my trip – for a few reasons. I like the splashes of red. Like the umbrella pattern with the stripes of her dress. I also like the energy of this couple. However, the special part was when this couple said I made their night because it was their 9th wedding anniversary – and having their picture taken felt special to them.  I am going to send them a signed and framed print. :)
pps-365-3-2015-couple kiss
Love the smirk – and the shot!
keep left sign ybor city
Here is one of the street shots I took of Ybor city – the lights, folks walking, and limo all give a feel for the vibe here.

For Part 2 – here is my dedication to Apryl Foster.

Apryl Foster is a 33 year-old that went missing in early February-  after partying at a bar in Ybor city. I read about her story in the news while having some morning java at my cousin’s kitchen table.  I do not know many folks that still have the paper newspaper delivered, and so it is a treat to explore the jam packed Sunday News when I visit them.

morning news...
The Tampa Bay Times showed a photo of Apryl Foster’s parents releasing a dove in her memory. When I read that Apryl went missing from Ybor city – it was the day after I was there. I was glad that I was on guard when I was taking my pics.  I reflected back on how I stayed pretty close to the cigar shop that my mom and cousin were at. (You know… I was just being careful and situationally aware).


Anyhow, last week I checked on Apryl’s story to see what unfolded and found out that her death was actually DUI related (story is here).

She left the bar and while close to home, she pulled off the road for 50 minutes and then instead of going straight, she turned left and drove into a lake!

However, the part that shocked me was that they were keeping the DUI part private!   I guess it is because if the DUI news is released, it might interfere with other helpful tips that keep coming in, which could help with other cases.

4 apryl


Closing Thoughts…

I disagree with keeping the truth about the DUI quiet, because by doing so, they are robbing people of the full story!  So a big shout out of THANKS to Wfla, Channel 8, for reporting the truth.

Also, by not sharing openly that Apryl’s demise was DUI related, they are missing out on a chance to teach more people about the danger of drinking and driving.

Now I know some of you cynics out there might be thinking that “it does not make a difference” because no matter what we report, “people do not care and they will still drink and drive.”

But I think it does make a difference – it can…. even if it is a very small difference.

Every single time we share the truth about the dangers associated with alcohol consumption, we raise awareness — and it adds up — to one day sink into someone’s head to where they “get it” and to where they care!

So please….

Please don’t drink and drive!  Even if you have been doing it safely for years – today is the day to say “no mas” 

Here are some tips for teens: 

1.  Remind teens that driving buzzed is still driving impaired (and could be deadly). 

2. Talk to teens about how some people minimize impaired driving because they have “safely” gotten away with “driving after drinking ” dozens of times.  But it is like playing “Russian Roulette” with a vehicle. 

3. Judge Judy says that “automobiles can be lethal weapons” and we need to operate them with CARE and regard. 

4.  Young kids can benefit from learning about the addictive nature of alcohol.  For example, talk about not “driving under the influence” –  and also about not going through life “living under the influence” – Maybe also talk about how easy it is for some folks to use alcohol for escaping – for short-term coping – or how some people “party hearty” because they are conditioned to view that as the ultimate indulgent thing to do for enjoyment.  On a trip to Florida in 2009, this group of folks sat at this table, beachside, drinking for hours.  While talking with them (we knew them all), well I realized that a few of them viewed spending their entire Saturday getting smashed as their “right” and as their pleasant way to unwind.  I was trying not to be too critical at the time, but I was really shaking my head because these were older folks – and I guess I just felt a little sad for them that this was “the preferred way” they wanted to spend their entire day off from work.  I also learned that day that the way we “view” alcohol is sometimes  skewed and sometimes so conditioned to be one way.  

5. Use everyday examples to talk with tweens and teens about alcohol dangers — stories like Apryl’s are everywhere (sadly) – so let’s use these examples to teach.  For example, I saved an email from WiseGEEK (here) and then one day we were “conversating” about the topic, and I pulled it up on my phone and shared this snippet of sobering info:

“On average, one person is killed every 53 minutes in a drunk driving accident in the US. Drinking is found to be involved in nearly a third of all traffic deaths in the US. Additionally, a third of drinking-related traffic accidents are caused by repeat offenders, meaning those who drink and drive are somewhat likely to continue the habit. On average each year in America, about 1 in 2000 drivers are operating under the influence of alcohol on a given trip.”

6. Talk to teens about the damage that alcohol causes to the body.  It is not a health drink folks, and every time we indulge, it comes with a price to our physical body. 



In closing, I wish you a great ending to your week – and here is a Throwback Thursday song to wrap up the post, Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne (here).



Also, if you know anyone that needs info about alcohol – click here – or click on the link below for self-help alcohol awareness tips from helpguide:

Alcohol Abuse Treatment and Self-Help




YBOR CITY Part-1 (cigars, people, and art)

ybor city part 1

Welcome to post 1 for YBOR city in Tampa, FL.   Some of my cousins live in Tampa and it is always fun to visit them.  On this trip, cousin G brought us to YBOR city.

Here is the lady who works at one of the most famous cigar shops in YBOR. It was pretty smoke hazed in there and she said it did not bother her at all. My cousin found a table on the outside patio to smoke his cigar, and while he and my momma chatted and drank cuban coffee – I took a walk (to get away from the second-hand smoke on the patio) and started taking some street shots.


ybor city - hand rolled cigars
Hand rolled cigars in the window on a rainy night…  linked to N’s texture challenge.


…sweetheart of a guy…



ybor city cigar warppers
cigar wrappers
paulas multitude link-2
Author note: this photo was updated thanks to Feedback from restless Jo. Linked to P’s TS HERE



serendiptious art show

jose m tampa artist - update
This photo was updated (thank u CP4) – and if you want to contact the artist Jose M., please visit his Facebook page at Jose M. Tampa Artist :)


accordian player 2 of 3 jose m tampa artist
Jose told me that he made three of these “accordion man photo-paintings“-  I have a picture of the second one (below) and the first one already sold. This one called to me. The loose fingers in the clean, soft, open hand at the base of the accordion adds some finesse – gives us a relaxed feel. The fingers on the keys, with warm skin tone, suggests some culture rich song might be playing. The musician’s outfit adds much as well: the fedora is a nice touch – the cream color of the hat coordinates well with the cream in the framed doorway.  The fedora also has a fun feel with the camo-pants and high-tops. Then… a bright blue shirt- and blue of the accordion -brings our eye back to the blue in the pathway, which Jose made into chunky blocks of gray, black, and rich blue. The doors to the back—– well, for those of us who love doors—- this weathered beauty has been enriched with Jose’s photo paint to whisper of a laid back, older neighborhood that maybe sits right outside of YBOR city. Maybe this is a place where people sit and get lost in their music playing – where people chill on small doorsteps surrounded by rich wood with enough space to feel alive in the soul. Oh, and the line of the hat has some harmony with the grid in the foreground path and line in the step tiles – along with the abstract lines and shapes in the wood and pants – ti all works for me.  I could go on, but I will wrap it up with a big gracias to Jose.
accordian player-3 made by Jose M
This is 1 of the 3 accordion player art pieces Jose M. created. Notcie the pathway is different- and the farm to the door is different) – He framed with IKEA frames and priced these gems to sell!






izzy and Jose m tampa artists-jnw-mauve
Izzy’s beautiful hair reminded me of JNW’s mauve color this week.


wandering eye art gallery snapshots-yborcity-2015
Misc. shots from the Wandering Eye Art Gallery (here)



In closing, here is Los Lonely Boys with Cisco Kid – I think it kind of fits the mood of this post.


Happy Friday everyone – and have you bought any art form a local artist lately?  If you have not, I would like to encourage you to keep your eyes out for nicely priced pieces that can enrich your life while they support the artist…

A couple more YBOR city posts coming soon…



wpc – FRESH

The wpc is FRESH this week, and here are some fresh baby chicks that were fun to observe at the tractor supply store last week.



baby chicks -2

Here is a short video I made of the chicks  –  synced to an old school song (Dick Van Dyke — Put On A Happy Face) to help us start our fresh week with a little cheer:

For those that like this song and want the whole version, here is the Bye Bye Birdie version


Over on Bytes (here), we have a nice reminder from Captain Jack Sparrow:

“The problem is not the problem.
The problem is your attitude about the problem.
Do you understand?”
so do get it?
do you understand …?
In closing, and for a bit more inspiration today, here is a fresh snippet from a library interview with Mark Barker (HERE)
(Mark is that TV pioneer I met down in Florida earlier this month)

Miss Nancy of Romper Room

“Romper Room was owned by a company up in Philadelphia and they had selected a woman who was the romper room teacher and she was doing fine, but her husband was transferred so she was going to leave the show….

Well, when I was doing that Marking Time program, I had said in one of them, “If you really want to do something, if you really, really, really, want to do something hard, write it out on a little piece of paper: I want to do this ____. And you take it with you every where you go and you keep reminding yourself this is what I want to do. In all probability you’ll wind up doing it.

Well, I’m interviewing people and Nancy Stillwell comes in to be interviewed and we’re chatting away. She reaches into her pocketbook and pulls out this ratty little piece of paper and it says, “I want to be the Romper Room teacher.” She was one of my people that I selected and she was the one that won the final thing and became Miss Nancy for Romper Room. And she was so perfect for that part. She was great! She’s a wonderful woman….” Mark Barker

more here
Hope you have a nice week.

Day 5 B &W (art and E Knight)



For Day 5 of my B & W challenge, I bring you to you the Crossroads Art Center.

Last night we went to the art reception there and I was not thinking of taking photos – really!  But it all started when I saw this guy sitting on a bench.  Walking by – I peeked in and saw this:


Here is a slightly different version to show you this room in color (notice you cannot see his pen in this second shot).

guy on bench at art show


We were not at the art reception very long – just long enough to get some art into my soul and to take about a dozen+ photos.

expensive painting of venice


metal art

collage 1
notice the different moods to the left and right… and art in the mid

I turned a few photos into gifs for a little fun.




Top Jimmy cooks, top Jimmy swings…(VH Song is here)


On the way out we had the chance to speak to one of the artists (Emma Knight – see below).   I did get some video footage, but not sure if it is usable.

I had the chance to chat it up with Emma for a few minutes right as we were leaving.  I like the feel of her work. She has just returned to RVA after living in Georgia for twenty years.  From her website here: “Knight’s landscapes are abstracted, yet the scenes are full of inferred space and very recognizable. She paints using the “indirect method” a slow process, which involves building many layers of paint. “
The top painting was my second favorite (of the night), which I was told was inspired by a fish eye lens photo her son took of the James River. I like the movement and the light. It was priced at over 3,000. The painting on the left is a walking bridge over the James River and just seeing that painting brings back many memories of walking to Belle Isle with the kids. The painting on the right, the tongue tree, was inspired by a photo taken at Maymont Gardens.


e knight paintings

For the final invite to the B & W challenge – I am going to invite Mark, Doobs, and Trent to join in.  Also, if you are looking for some fresh music – check out Trent’s new CD called Hamlet Symphony. 

Thanks again to Jo, Jill, and Aletta for thinking of me.  <3


So do you have a favorite art piece from this selection?

Would you pay 13,000 for a painting?


Hope you have a great weekend….




B & W Day 4 10 Florida Street Shots



Hello – For Day 4 of the B & W Challenge, I bring you into this little store where I bought an old Kipling book for RV. Do you see it there? It was in bad shape, but for three dollars I took a chance.

kipling book for RV of DP

And now here are TEN more of my street shots from Florida.  These are all from February 2015.

The Thompsons sat across from me on the plane. And as Thanks for the photos, I gave her that little purple box (I had it for my niece, but I had tons of other things for my niece so it was meant to be shared)


I met Cheyne and Chris when I stopped in at a restaurant I used to work at in the early 1990s. I showed them where I was standing at 10:30 a.m. on a day in late July 1990 – when my niece was born. It was fun to tell them a little about the restaurant history.  These two guys were very cool.


My Aunt was walking by and asked Marisa and Kevin if I could take their photo. But she did NOT let me know she was asking and so I got a little grumpy at first, especially because I had already asked Ralph if I could take his photo. However, it ended up being a gift and later I thanked my Aunt and told her she is always welcome to help me out!!  Grabbing a few pictures of Marisa and Kevin was a highlight – they were so personable and we just had fun. They even had a fun photo bomb in one of their photos – see the lower right? Well thanks so much to M & K <3


This is Ralph. When I asked to take his photo it was because he was so friendly and started talking to us. I also wanted to grab a photo of a snowbird – but it turns out – Ralph has lived in FL for 57 years. That is a long time to live in one place.


This is Chris, and when I saw the smoke from his vaping, I had to grab shot – and he has some nice body art. Sweet dude.


pps-306-2-2015-spca guys
I met these three guys because I walked over to take a photo of the pile of Bubble TV (below).. While there, I started talking to the two guys, Ethan and Brandon, and when they said I could take their photo, the middle guy, Orville, walked out. The timing was perfect. They look tough – but they are gentle bears. They invited me into the SPCA store to give me the address of where I could mail them a copy of their photo – and while in there – that was when I saw the old books for sale (first photo in this post).




bubble tvs
my, my, my how technology changes! And my mom and I have a joke about bubble TVs (share it later maybe) and so I had to grab a photo. This is linked to Cee’s Oddball pics week -11
A man and his car!



This awesome store clerk was also fun to photograph. I had some clearer shots, but these photos are the ones I like most. I am linking this photo to JNW’s OWPC, which is “Beaver” this week – because the brown tones in her jacket are beaver and shoes look like beaver hide.



THANK YOU Kyle – and a huge thanks to all who serve and protect freedom.




This is my niece – and her mom was the one who was born in July 1990… and last year when I was in Florida, Kaia and I decorated Vass’s box. This year we wrote words and doodled – and I taught her how to make spirals. Joy is…. time with Kaia… linked to Kan’s challenge.


I hope you have a nice Tuesday – and the blogger I link today for the B & W challenge is the muchacho Sir Spaniard Charly Priest from the Crazy Life blog. (warning – he sometimes swears and writes about adult content, and I skip those posts…)